Thursday, June 10, 2010

The Positive & Negative Aspects of Nursing School

When it comes to nursing schools, there are always both benefits and drawbacks. I found this article and thought that it would be helpful to anyone considering applying to a nursing school. It outlines the pro's and con's of nursing in detail.

I hope you enjoy it!

Online degrees are becoming an increasingly attractive option for more and more people today, especially when it comes to choosing a nursing program. Online nursing programs offer training through web casting or recorded videos and documents, and live interactive chat. It all boils down to this though: are online nursing school programs the same, if not better, than the traditional on-campus education?

The Pro’s

Programs such as online nursing classes provide huge perks for both students and professors alike. Schedule flexibility is one; distance learning emphasizes an asynchronous method of learning, meaning two people do not have to be available at the same time to be able to interact with each other. Nursing students which couldn’t make it to the web cast that day can easily watch its recorded version or read the professor’s documentation about it later.

Another benefit would be transport issues. Due to the fact that lessons take place in the virtual world, students can just simply stay at home and learn without going to have to go to the college’s campus especially if it’s a state or two away. The students are also provided with easier access to information. Being online, a student can easily get research information on homework or coursework activities through wikis, blogs, e-books and forums. Online Nursing School Programs also provide the benefit of clinical activities when you’ve reached that part of the program. Usually the online institution will find a medical facility near your home where there they’ll send staff to teach and assist you on your clinical requirements.

The Con’s

Although the advantages mentioned above are quite enticing, there are those who remain skeptical with this kind of approach to learning especially with hands-on, in-the-field degrees like Nursing. One disadvantage of online nursing school programs would be the student’s interest. Many complain that they have a hard time comprehending such long and dry lectures made by professors with complementing documents which are just as dreary. Clarification usually takes time to be made unlike in the campus were professors are easily available for the student and can quickly provide an answer to any of the student’s inquiries about the topic.

Another disadvantage of online school nursing programs would be the student’s ability when it comes to the clinical requirements. Research made by the U.S. Department of Education show that although students of online nursing school programs tend to excel in lectures, on the field performance sometimes leave more to be desired.

In all of this, it really depends on the individual as to which method to utilize in order to obtain his Nursing Degree. If you believe that you’re a self starter and can work without easily being distracted, then you should enroll in an online nursing school program. Some schools who offer this kind of service are the Indiana State University, The College Network and Ashford University. Otherwise, stick to the traditional on-campus learning, the vast temptations on the internet might get in the way of your learning.