Saturday, July 25, 2009

Nursing Jobs Continue Huge Boom In Demand

There is an abundant supply of nursing jobs that are available to qualified nursing applicants. With the demand for nurses at an all time high there has never been a better time to consider a move into a nursing career. Nurses are now able to choose jobs and they are being given high salaries, incentives, moving expenses and other bonuses. This demand for skilled nurses is set to continue to increase as more and more baby boomers enter retirement.

Today nursing jobs are trying many tactics to attract more applicants. Some of these tactics include a variety of scheduling options including flex time, 4-6 hour shifts, and week end options and on call positions. There is no longer any need to look at nursing as a 40 hour per week job. Now a new nurse can ask for a schedule which suits her needs best. Nurses with experience are almost guaranteed any type of schedule that they want.

Some of the nurses today are able to take nursing jobs and share the hours between tow or more people effectively. Hospitals have nursing pools and part time job opportunities that require only a few hours a month of actual commitment. Overtime opportunities mean more money for nurses and they are taking advantage of these big buck offerings.

Some full time nurses are routinely making 80-100 thousand dollars a year and this opportunity can be yours if you make the move to nursing.

There are nursing jobs available in every state and you can work full time as a regular employee or choose to work as a contract nurse or a travel nurse. With these nursing positions you are not an employee of any one hospital and you are free to work the hours that you want at a number of different hospitals. As a travel nurse you will bring home a good salary and benefits but you will also have free housing while on assignment. With travel nursing jobs you also have your travel expenses paid for or reimbursed.

With the increase in demand for qualified nurses comes increasing demand on schools and programs. More and more people are turning to nursing programs at community colleges and online courses in order to get their degree or certification. This trend will only continue.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Benefits of nursing school resources

Nursing school resources are very important in helping an individual understand the accreditation of a particular school. There are many nursing schools that provide a degree to their students. But not all nursing schools are worth studying at. They may have some loop holes and it’s always good to read a degree from an acclaimed Nursing School, which offers degree options of an acclaimed university.

Nursing school resources provide you with in depth information of the various nursing schools available in the country and even comprehensive information and reviews of the best of the lot. They also offer information on online nursing schools that enable you to study while working.

There are many websites that will help you understand the right nursing school for you, and what type of programs this offers. There are web sites that even provide you with direct links to health care centers, and hospitals that offer tremendous opportunities to nursing students and novice graduates.

Some such outstanding nursing school resources which cater for all your requirements are:

NSNA - The National Student Nurses Association

AACN - American Association of Colleges of Nursing

AORN Foundation - Student Nurse Scholarships

These nursing school resources are not only reliable but allow you to check everything about an institute offering a nursing degree. They provide you with a curriculum of the program you have opted for and what outline all facilities you will be getting.

Nursing career options available at some of the best schools are:

Nursing school resources offer complete information on the schools and the career options you may opt for after qualifying from one of the top most universities.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Nursing Programs and CNA Training

Nursing school program accreditation is a self-regulatory voluntary process where schools and/or programs that have been found to conform to or surpass certain standards and criteria for educational quality.

For nursing school programs, there are two national organizations that provide accreditation: NLNAC (National League for Nursing Accrediting Commission) and CCNE (Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education).

Even though not every nursing school and nursing program is CCNE or NLNAC accredited, and it's certainly possible to obtain a quality nursing education without going to an accredited nursing school, a degree from an institution accredited by one of these organizations virtually guarantees you to be qualified to attend another accredited school of nursing, should you be interested in an advanced degree, for example an RN-to-BSN or Master’s degree.

It's also worth noting that some some scholarships are available only to students attending accredited nursing programs.

If you feel unprepared for nursing courses, you can find plenty of courses you to help you get ready to tackle the nursing school program curriculum, as well as a host of online resources offering you advice about various nursing career choices. Some of these resources will even direct you to specific programs for nursing that are in your local area.

You might also want to consider becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). There are plenty of free CNA classes online that can help you get your certification.

No matter where you live, what your position is, you can find nursing school programs that you can enter now, either by visiting the local campus or school directly, or enrolling online.

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Nursing School and Other Endeavors

I've been working on Nursing School information for quite some time now. In addition to this blog, there is the Nursing School Programs website, and one on CNA Training Class. These have been progressing well.

In the last few months, I've begun working on some informational sites on other topics. In May I launched a site about annuities and structured settlements.

The same month I launched another 'school' site about scholarship programs. I'm enjoying working in these different areas.

More recently, I started a blog that will look into the American Heart Association Diet plans. As someone who could use losing a few pounds, I expect to get a lot out of this effort!

Given the current financial climate, I started doing some research on mortgages and homeownership. This has led to a new site about the steps in foreclosure.

I will continue to work on the nursing sites, and hope you will continue to visit!

Monday, July 6, 2009

Getting Nursing School Loans

There are many nursing school loans that are available for students to explore. These nursing school loans may be the safest and smartest loan that a student can use to finance their degree or certification.

One of the safest loan opportunities that a nursing student can take advantage of is a federally backed loan such a Stafford student loan.

If you’ve considered nursing school but thought you couldn’t afford it, you might want to reconsider. Even in today’s economy, there are plenty of financial aid opportunities to pay for a nursing program. You can get funding whether you’re considering a local campus, or online nursing classes.

Once someone decides on nursing as a career they are anxious to learn about ways of paying for nursing school. Depending on a nursing student’s SAT score they could automatically be eligible for consideration for a nursing school scholarship. Most of the nursing scholarships that are widely available come from private and public organizations

Financial aid for nursing school is available as grants, scholarships, or even work-study programs. As with most degree or certification programs, nursing school can be quite expensive. Particularly in today’s bleak financial state, finding help paying for school can be a necessity.
A number of the online nursing programs offer financial aid. There are also on-campus programs. In fact, earning your nursing degree online can be more cost-effective and flexible

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Nursing School Loans

If you want to become a nurse, you may be interested in nursing school loans. Getting a nursing degree can be quite expensive; but there is plenty of financial aid available.

In addition to traditional student loans, there is a wide array of scholarships and grants available. One of the chief benefits of a scholarship or grant, is that it's essentially free money, meaning you don't have to pay it back. The federal government has over 1000 federal programs in the US. You can get federal grant information and applications through the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) available at

You can also help pay for nursing school with the Nursing Student Loan Forgiveness Program (NSLFP) at While no one likes to be saddled with debt, a nursing school loan is an investment in your future.

As for the loan itself, it will generally have a low interest since the federal government regulates the interest rate maximums that lenders can charge on federally guaranteed student loans. This definitely helps make the loans easier to pay-back, plus you don't have to begin loan repayment until six months after graduation!

If you are considering a career in health care, a nursing school loan can help you have the career you want. You can pursue any type of certification, from Registered Nurse (RN), to Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN), even a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. And nursing school loans can be used for obtaining an online nursing degree as well. The rewards you gain will be financial security, job security, and personal satisfaction that comes from helping others!