Thursday, April 23, 2009

Expand your career with nursing degrees

Nursing degrees can do your nursing career a wealth of good. These degrees help you to jump start expand your career, by get better and lucrative jobs.

Nursing degrees today can give you the most lucrative career options. The health care sector has registered nurses as its largest occupant providing as many as 2.4 million jobs.

Duties of Nurses

The duties one has to abide by after pursuing nursing degrees include treatment of patients, providing emotional support and advice, educating patients and their families. RN with nursing degrees are supposed to keep track of the patients’ symptoms and medical history, operate medical equipment, ensure correct treatment and medication that follows, aiding doctors in diagnostic tests, and helping the patient to recover and rehabilitate.

As a registered nurse one even has to educate the patient and his family, about managing an injury or a particular disease. How to check whether patients are maintaining the right diet, exercise programs and medication administration, are all duties carried out by a nurse. All the follow up that takes place post treatment has to be looked after by a nurse.

Specializations for Registered Nurses

The best part about a nursing degree is that you can specialize on one and at times even two patient care specialties. According to the type of treatment or the setting you work in, the specialization can be divided into four categories:

  • Disease
  • Condition
  • Organ type
  • Population

No matter which specialization a nurse goes for, one has to work in hospitals, physician’s clinic, outpatient rehabilitation center, home care center or in a long term care facility.

Nursing Career Advancement

By completing RN-to-BSN program, individuals can really accelerate their career in nursing. Bachelor’s nursing degrees take almost 12-18 months for completion, and those who want to further expand their career even more, may even opt for a master’s degree. For offering services to a broader spectrum, a degree is a must and that is the reason why many RNs holding a diploma or ADN later on opt for nursing degrees.

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