Friday, April 30, 2010

Dual Degree Nursing Programs

The field of nursing in itself encompasses many different specialties and the ability to work as a nurse and specialize in a particular aspect or type of health related issue is very appealing to many. There are some nurses who realize that the skills they have can be utilized in other professions. Combining the skills of nursing with other entities can be both helpful and lucrative. For this reason, many colleges and universities offer dual degree programs where students interested in nursing can also pursue another degree simultaneously that is either closely related to nursing or compliments the nursing degree.

There are a few dual degree options and one of the most popular is the Masters of Science in Nursing and the Masters in Public Health (MSN/MPH) dual degree. This program combines the clinical specialization of a master’s level nursing degree with a specialized master’s level public health degree. Nursing and public health are very closely related and obtaining dual degrees can be very beneficial especially for people interested in public health nursing. These two degrees allow an individual to be fully informed on the clinical aspects of nursing while being capable of applying these specialized skills on a much broader level helping not just one patient but a larger number of individuals to improve their health.

An additional dual degree nursing program is the BSN or MSN and a Juris Doctorate (J.D.) option. The combination of a medical and law degree is extremely helpful. There are many nurses who work for lawyers advising them on various health issues in relation to medical lawsuits. Many good medical malpractice and disability lawyers have a medical consultant-many times a nurse-to whom they seek counsel on cases. There are some nurses who decide after years of clinical work to utilize their skills legally by becoming malpractice and disability lawyers. With the clinical expertise and the legal training many find possessing a nursing degree coupled with a law degree to be quite lucrative.

Finally, for nurses looking to use their medical expertise in the business world there is the option of a BSN/MSN coupled with a Masters in Business Administration (MBA). There are many nurses who choose to use their medical expertise to head major organizations such as insurance companies. Some nurses even decide to open their own long-term care facilities and medical information companies. The MBA provides a solid business foundation which will aid a nurse in applying his/her medical abilities in a variety of circumstances.

The decision to pursue a dual degree in nursing and another discipline will provide unlimited opportunities to apply clinical medical knowledge in a variety of settings.


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