Saturday, September 25, 2010

Salary For Registered Nurses Climbs

The Registered Nurse Salary Is Increasing The Demand For More Nursing Schools

by Josephine Eagen

Being one of the most sought after professions, the registered nurse salary is considerable, read on to learn why.

The median expected salary for a typical staff nurse RN in the United States is $62,527. This basic market pricing report was prepared using our Certified Compensation Professionals' analysis found at of survey data collected from thousands of HR departments at employers of all sizes, industries and geographies.

The fact is that by the end of year 2020, there will be a shortage of approximately 800,000 nurses. You can very well imagine the amount of nursing job possibilities nowadays. In the event you enroll in any nursing program right now then by the end of 2020, you will be enjoying the rewards of a extremely rewarding career, not to mention the registered nurse salary.

The demand for nurses has skyrocketed, but why? One of the primary reasons is that the overall average life span of men and women across the earth has increased, so there will be much more dependency on healthcare. Opportunities will open up due to the need for specialized care for this older population. A lot more hospitals suggests that more nursing positions will be necessary and this signifies nursing jobs will grow multi-fold. The registered nurse salary climbs in part because of this. And finally, since the number of nursing graduates isn't keeping pace with the retirement of current nurses, the registered nurse salary continues to climb skyward.

Currently, you will find over 100,000 vacancies for nursing professionals available in the US, and this is growing, and so is the registered nurse salary. There is a constant need for nursing professionals, healthcare workers, healthcare specialists etc. And easy supply and demand indicates the registered nurse salary continues to grow along with just about every other medical profession.

So only by getting accepted in an accredited nursing course can you enjoy the benefits of a great registered nurse salary. You will discover a lot more information regarding the registered nurse salary plus the nursing possibilities available in the future at the U.S. Department of Labor's Statistics on Registered Nurses.

Due to the increasing requirement for qualified nurses, some of the hospitals in the U.S. have started to offer signing bonuses in addition for the registered nurse salary, which are as much as $14,000 for a registered nurse (RN). A Gallup Poll showed that a majority of the population thought very highly of the nursing profession and that they displayed higher ethical standards than almost any other profession.

Nurses have a reputation to uphold, in addition to the ethical and professional standards set by each individual hospital they may work at. So as you can see, because of all of this the registered nurse salary as it stands now higher than the national average, and it will only continue to grow.

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