Monday, June 29, 2009

Getting Free Nursing CEU's

Not only are some wonderful opportunities offered online for those wishing to enter the world of nursing, there are some opportunities for the established nurses to earn free nursing CEUs. Every nurse is required to keep their nursing education updated and one way of accomplishing this is to earn what is known as CEUs. This acronym stands for continuing education units. What this means is that you take a short course and then you take a test to show that you read and understood the material.

Some states have set requirements that list how many continuing education units a nurse must take each year. California was one of the first states to require their nurses to have documentation of the CEUs they take annually. Hospitals will also document your CEU status and the amount you have can influence your evaluations, raises and promotions. There are also free nursing CEUs that will be provided to you by the hospital.

By being able to take free nursing CEUs online, this gives nurses great freedom of choice about which topics they want to study. The free nursing CEUs are offered by dozens of different organizations and there is a tremendous variety among the topics. Some of the CEUs are only one or two pages long and the material can very easily be covered in a matter of minutes. A great advantage to having continuing educational units available on line is the ability to take the classes when you have spare moments and you can take as many of the free classes as you like.

Free nursing CEUs will add depth to your resume and it will add to your knowledge base for nursing. You will be surprised by how quickly you can go through the material. This is a way for you to keep yourself informed and updated about important topics in nursing at your convenience.

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  1. I recommend getting your nursing ceu online. It is very easy and can be done around your daily schedule. I recommend taking notes though because you don't take everything you read in the first time.