Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Nursing Shortage Reaches a Critical Level

For the past three decades there has been a critical nursing shortage and today is it at a very critical level. With the retirement from the work force of millions of baby boomers, there is an even greater need to find nurses to move into these now vacant positions. The elderly population is going to be growing over the next 20-30 years and this is going to create even more open nursing positions throughout the medical community.

Hospitals and nursing homes are going to be hit very hard over the coming years because their nursing shortage is already quite high. More nurses are going into other areas of work and there is much brainstorming underway to figure out new ways to attract nurses into the critically needed positions. The nursing shortage is creating headaches for many employers but it is opening more opportunities for nurses.

Today the nursing shortage is present in all medical areas and even all of the related fields. A nurse now can choose her job from among doctors’ offices, one day surgery clinics, legal firms, industries and school settings. All of these will offer good pay, great benefits and job security. Thanks to the critical nursing shortage nationwide, nurses now have unlimited opportunities for work in any section of the country. Many employers will gladly reimburse your travel and relocation expenses if you will guarantee to stay with them for at least 1-2 years.

Even new graduates with little or no on the job experience are benefiting by the national nursing shortage and are being actively recruited by dozens of employers. There are few jobs on the market that offer the high starting salaries of a nurse, especially when the employee has only a 2 year degree. The high salaries and benefits have been a direct result of the nursing shortage and you can expect to watch salaries to continue to climb over the next few years.


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