Tuesday, August 25, 2009

CNA As An Introduction To Nursing

I recently wrote about free CNA classes online. Even though this is a blog about nursing, I get a lots of questions about the coming a certified nursing assistant, especially about the American Red Cross CNA class.

For many people, being a nursing assistant. Is there introduction to nursing as a career. Although nursing prerequisites don't require being a nurse assistant, it can certainly help in understanding the job and gaining real world experience.

Many people feel that way or go to get your nursing degree plays a big part in getting good nursing jobs. This is not necessarily true. Whether or you go through online LPN nursing classes, or a campus at the best nursing schools, demand is so high that you will still have choice of jobs.

Eve in the nursing schools overseas, such as those in the Philippines, turn out graduates who have their pick of jobs. Almost anywhere in the world. There is such an on going worldwide or ditch nurses, that programs can't turn out enough qualified people fill all the jobs. This chronic shortage is expected to continue well into the next decade.

Health care is such a dynamic and growing fields, almost any career path promises lifetime job security and the opportunity to earn higher pay. With so many people, out of work were in danger of losing their jobs, having a degree or certification insurers that you will never be out of work if you don't want to be. How many people, and how many careers can make that boast?


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