Saturday, September 5, 2009

Deciding On A Schedule For Fall Classes

Accelerated nursing programs, which can help you get your degree in sometimes half the time as a regular program, is becoming an increasingly popular option. With summer drawing to a close and the school year, or semester approaching, many people are having to finalize their plans.

Accelerated programs have the distinct benefit of helping those who's responsibilities mean they often cannot accommodate a campus program with "regular" course hours. Rather than taking the two years, like a regular schedule, these programs usually take only about one and a half years to complete.

An accelerated nursing degree is just as good one that takes more time, it's just compacted into a quicker timeframe.

Nursing prerequisites and requirements will vary, and they may not actually be the same as they would for a regular degree curriculum, but they shouldn't be any more difficult to cover.

As with any of your decisions regarding courses choices, you should talk with the admissions counselor at the nursing school you are considering. If it's an online program, see if there's an admission office or staff that you can reach by telephone. If not, you can always send an email.

Some matriculating courses are now specially designed with the "modern" student in mind. That is, students who must juggle school with traditional life responsibilities. It's no longer unusual to see students who are also holding down a full time job or position, and in some cases having to care for children as single parents. This "modern" lifestyle imposes a whole different set of concerns and considerations, not just financially, but in terms of scheduling time to study, attend class, take tests, etc.

For someone who already has an undergraduate degree in nursing, these 'fast track' programs can mean the difference between being stuck in their current job position and title, and having the opportunity and ability to move up, not just in position, but in pay scale and earnings potential as well.

Regardless of a person's current situation though, it seems as if time is more fleeting and precious these days as compared to what it was like many years ago. People are beset on all sides by others moving ahead quickly, changing schedules and life choices, and the like. Even the decision making process seems to have taken on a sense of increased urgency, particularly in areas affecting job and career paths.

In any event, the time is now, so-to-speak. With fall almost here, summer is over, and many programs will be beginning very shortly. Waiting too much longer to make a choice will in effect be making the choice for you. That being said, it's never too late if you're willing to "lay it on the line". Go ahead and call the admissions office directly, drop in and visit in person, or start sending emails, along with follow up.


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