Monday, October 19, 2009

Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs Are Rewarding and in Demand

Written by Melanie Ullman
Many people automatically think of a position in a nursing home when they think about Certified Nursing Assistant jobs as it is very likely that is where the biggest demands of the industry lay; however that is not the only place where you can enjoy your career as a Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA).

Obviously nursing is not just about giving a shot or dispensing medication it is about being able to listen to the patients and since that is the basis of paid or free CNA training they are important to the effective treatment of patients when aiding the other healthcare professionals. Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs are very important in places such as nursing homes as often time’s they are the ones that spend the most time with the patients so they will likely be the first ones to notice that something is just off with one of their patients. Perhaps a subtle change in a patient’s attitude is a sign of a serious condition or perhaps a change in their regular medication routine is not producing the desire results. This type of training is one thing that makes Certified Nursing Assistant jobs so much in demand.

Often times there are openings for Certified Nursing Assistant jobs in the area of home visitation. The CNA’s are not allowed to hand out the medication or the jobs that would normally be performed by a nurse, but they can use their training to help those with physical disabilities and may have difficulties performing daily tasks. They may be responsible for helping the person bathe or any other number of chores, something that is of immense help to the person that is receiving the care, perhaps it keeps them from having to be hospitalized or depend upon moving in with relatives.

Many times there are Certified Nursing Assistant Jobs that are available at schools or daycare locations where they can assist children with a number of health related issues before they become a more serious problem. For instance, they may spot a particular infection such as ringworm, or perhaps lice, and get it handled before it gets out of control.

There may also be Certified Nursing Assistant jobs available in rehabilitation groups or some type of similar program. The licensed professionals will, of course, do all of the actually therapy work but the Certified Nursing Assistant will often have much more time to spend with the patients, helping to develop relationships, help tend to their needs, relay important information to the therapists and really become a very important part of the patient’s recovery process.

If you have ever even considered working in the medical field, especially in the specialized area of nursing, there is an abundance of Certified Nursing Assistant jobs available and this could be just what you have been looking for; some will work as a CNA while studying to get their degree in nursing, while others end up enjoying the work so much that they decide to stay right where they are.


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